Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching up

I'm sitting here on the couch, laptop in hand enjoying a few minutes to myself. I tried sending some pictures from my phone to my email, but they appear to be out there in space somewhere. All the while, too lazy to get up and find the cord to download. Plus the minute I get up, I'll get distracted with all the other things that are via for my attention. I figured it out :)

Marion asked me to come up with a block for our local Modern Quilt Guild BOM. It came out super cute if I do say so myself :). I've called it Fun Dip because it reminds me of the packs of fun dip when we were kids. Remember the white stick and the three different pouches of sugary goodness? I think you can still find them around.  Here is a link to the pattern for you all to enjoy Fun Dip

The only real sewing that I have done this year ;) is my new kitchen curtain. My sweet hubby over did my birthday (it is 8 days before Christmas, so he always spoils me). I had mentioned redecorating my kitchen with all the delft blue Holland type pieces. He and Sara picked out about 20 pieces for me. How could I not make a curtain from Michael Millers new line?

Now that the holidays are over, we have two birthdays this month. First my beautiful daughter, only girl, youngest child and BFF is turning 14. Then my handsome, kind, loving middle child and youngest son is turning 18! I'm so not ready for this. Weren't they just toddlers? For Sara's birthday, we are redoing her room. New bed, new paint and a collection of items around the house for a shabby chic, teenage version look. For Josh's birthday, I have no idea!

It has been fun, but I've got to run and get back to homeschooling. Did I mention that Sara is homeschooling now? Just until the next school year when we can get into the local online school. TTFN.