Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A-R-T or J-O-B

I did mention that I got a job right?  It's an actual job with an actual paycheck and actual hours. I've been working extra hours to cover my trip to market. Thank you to those of you who have hung in there with me!  I also discovered this thing called Instagram - it's amazing. Blogging lazy style. If you want to follow me, my name is aprilmaedesigns.  I've just include one of those snazzy follow me widgets on the side bar.  :)

So are you ready for more catch up on Hello Moon?  Eventually I'll get a few posts in here or there.  I just feel bad posting about all the fun I'm having and not posting the patterns on time.  So here we go...September and October or should I just say the next two blocks since September and October 1st are long gone!

Speaking of market, are you going? Be sure to look me up if you do.  I'll be hanging out by this quilt...
hoping to sell a pattern or two. For those of you not attending market, these are now available in my Etsy Shop for instant download. I would love it if you left a comment, I've missed you all!