Thursday, December 6, 2012

Layout Instructions & a Give Away

I'm up burning the midnight oil to bring you the layout instructions for Hello Sun!  I just snapped a couple of pictures on my cell phone of the process.

Assembly line style to move things along a little quicker...

Progress...then a quick snack of homemade sweet potato fries.

Back to work and things are coming together nicely!

Finally finished and no one was around to hold up the final project resulting in a quick fuzzy picture. I should have called Marion, she makes a great quilt model.  

I'll have to take some better pictures, but not at 1:00 am.  Oh, my, I need to get to bed.

On with the give away...
Michael Miller has sponsored our give away with two charm packs of Cotton Couture!
One Winner will be chosen randomly from the finished Hello Sun quilts posted in the flickr group. (You don't have to use my quilt layout). Another winner will be chosen from the comments left on this post. What could be better than free fabric from Michael Miller?

The winner for the drawing from comments will be announced next week. The winner for the quilt will be at the end of the month. I can't wait to see your finished quilts!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Welcome December!  It is so nice to see you.  While we could use some rain/snow, I've been happy that the weather has been mild so far.

Without further adieu, here is the Hello Sun December Block.

Oh, sorry, wrong picture.  That is my adorable little granddaughter in the blessing dress that I made for her.  Not sure how that got in there ;)

Here we go...

This is our last block, and my favorite of the bunch. December is my favorite month.  After all, Christmas, my birthday and my wedding anniversary (20th this year!) are all within 9 days of each other.  This block has a couple of little special touches.  First, the deer is made out of corduroy from an old pair of Josh's pants. Second, I mixed things up a bit by adding white embroidery to the deer and used a little white thread on the tree.  

I spent Friday sewing all of my blocks into the final quilt layout and working on the finishing instructions for you. I will be posting those on Monday or Tuesday so be sure to check back.

We'll also be having two giveaways at that time, so stay tuned.