Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waiting On Spring

We know it's going to show up any day now.
In the meantime, I'm thinking about fall, or at least working on a fall project. Our local quilt guild is holding a quilt block swap. We have to make 17 - 16 patch blocks and 17 pumpkin blocks. The pumpkin blocks can be anything that you can dream up with a pumpkin. After searching high and low, I settled on an idea - Peter Peter pumpkin eater.
...and there he kept her very well! It was so much fun to sketch this out and hunt for just the right fabrics. After making a mock up and hand stitching the little girl, two things became very apparent. 1. She didn't show up very well 2. There was no way I was going to stitch 17 of them. So I went with the fall back method of crayons and an iron. It's really easy, just trace your pattern, color in, then iron with a paper bag between the iron and the fabric. Prang crayons seem to work the best. I found mine at a locally owned Grocery Store.

One down and 16 more to go...when I get a minute, I'll upload a copy of the pattern for your appliqué or stitchery pleasure :)