Friday, January 22, 2010

The Fairy Tale Quiet Book Pattern

I've been working on a top secret project and I'm so excited to finally let the cat out of the bag.

It's finally done - my very first pattern available for purchase. Way back when....I made a Quiet Book. Since then, several people have emailed me asking where to find the pattern. That got me thinking - what about a Quiet Book pattern of my own. Ideas rushed in, sketches were made in small snatches of time - in the waiting room of the dentist, in the car waiting to pick up the kids - you know how that goes. A page was made, then several months and projects later...and the pattern is finally here.

The Princess and the Pea was the first page designed. The mattresses pull up to reveal a little pea hiding under the bed. All of those sleepless hours are counted away on the clock tower as she and the pea have a slumber party.The next page reminds me so much of my boys when they were little. I have a picture somewhere of Josh in a diaper with a helmet and a sword bigger than he was. :)Once the Knight has tamed the dragon, he can visit the next page to visit Rapunzel in her castle. While he's there, he can learn to braid hair or count the birds in a nearby tree.Then it's off to sail the seven seas in search for buried treasure.Do you ever have something turn out just how you imagined it? This is one of those projects for me. I'm just as pleased as punch :) One of my favorite things about the book (I have so many favorites) is that the pieces can go from page to page. Maybe the birds want to go hang out at the beach or the pea wants to sit up in the tree for awhile. And, the book comes apart so you can share pages with a friend or your little sister. I also love that the book isn't gender specific. Boys can braid hair and girls can be pirates, right?I hope you love this little book as much as I do! The PDF pattern is available for purchase over in my etsy shop. I'm stocking it at Woodchesters rather than my pad shop, just to keep things organized. :) I've also added a listing for a hard copy of the pattern for those who want it.

Edited to add: Thank you to SouleMama for mentioning me on her blog.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cloth Mama Pads

It's been a little while since my last post - I've been working on a top secret project...

my new website Can you believe it? I have a website! Complete with working links, photos and good information. You can hop on over and check it out - even if you are not a cloth mama :)

I also have a fun new button for you to grab over at the left. You can show off your Cloth Mama pride.