Thursday, November 19, 2009

Company and a reveal

Friends from CA are coming to visit this weekend. We are so excited! They have 7 kids, so our kids have a blast when they all come over. When we met, both of our families had three kids, and Sara and Bryan napped in a crib together. (insert embarrassing picture here)Wow, that was a long time ago. Anyway, needless to say I'm in company mode...a flurry of know the drill. I did have to stop in to show you how well one of our major investments went.

Aaron before braces (and when he was shorter than me)
And -drum roll please - Aaron after braces
A few years and a couple of thousand dollars later - but worth every penny. I could go on and on about how that fun little boy has become this wonderful young man, but for now, let's just enjoy that smile :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Joys of Thrifting

It's snowing...and I'm actually OK with it :) We've had a few weeks of really nice fall weather, and I am happy to transition into winter.

Besides our fireplace, we have something new to keep us warm during this season...What could warm your heart and soul more than a turntable? Get was free. A hand-me-down from a friend at Diego's work. He is so excited to be out hunting down "vinyl" for his new collection. He even surprised me with and Elvis Christmas record.

Thrifting has really been the theme of the month. We had a church event that was what I call a free garage sale. Everyone took items to donate, then the next day we shopped for free. You could take equivalent to what you brought on the honor system. I kept saying, we should do this every year. We picked up a few VHS movies, some books, a candle, some yarn, a few clothes for Sara and a coat for me. Other people were getting toys for their kids, baby items and all types of things.

Last night we went to a thrift store with Sara and she got a tape recorder with tapes. All day it's been...."Day 1, note 5....I'm on my way to dance class..." Remember recording things when you were young. We would record songs off the radio. :) I also picked up a nice wooden board for a marble game for a buck. I'll have to see if I can find just the right marbles to go with it.

Going into a department store the other day, I was looking at all of the new board games - you know Christmas and all - and I just couldn't beleive the prices, all of the plastic and the bright new packaging. It just seems so wasteful. I kept reminicing about the "free garage sale".

Speaking of Christmas, do you know what my boys want this year? They are 15 and 13. A package of Mike and Ikes. That's it, nothing else. I'm sure they want more, but that is all they will ask for. Even when I tell them they are going to end up with nothing under the tree, they say that's OK. Bless their hearts. They know how tight things have been for everyone this year, and they say they have everything they need. Part of me feels really bad about that, like I'm failing them...then the larger part of me is so proud of them and it makes me think we may not be able to give them everything, but we're giving them the things that matter most. They are building character.

Well, I'm off to get Sara and maybe some hot chocolate. I wonder if I could make some mix myself....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Invader Zim Quilt

Every once in a while, you see something - like an Invader Zim sheet - and it inspires you. Really inspires you...and you can see the quilt perfectly in your mind. Then, every once in a greater while that quilt comes out exactly the way you had imagined it. Know what I mean?Then your husband and kids all start fighting over it so you think, hey maybe I could sell that on Etsy. So, for any die hard Invader Zim fans out there...the quilt is posted in the shop. If it doesn't sell, it will end up under our tree this year.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Halloween Dress

This year, Sara was a Zombie bride, Zombie princess, Elphaba and a Vampire - all in the same dress. I used McCalls MP309 and a lot of fabric from the clearance section.The pattern went pretty smoothly. I left a lot of fabric out of the bottom of the dress and I did have to make a couple of alterations - took up a little in the shoulder seams, added a few darts to the back of the dress and added the light gray panel in the chest. Too low cut for a 9 year old. Hope you had a happy Halloween :)