Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life is Good

Sorry for the brief intermission, I've found myself lost in the wonderful world of facebook. After ignoring several invitations to join facebook, I finally bit the bullet and made an account. OK, I'm nosy and just had to see those pictures of friends that you can't see unless you join. Once you become someone's friend, you can see thier friends, and thier friends and so on. Before you know it you are chatting with the kid you knew in 3rd grade that used to give you beef jerky and climb on the jungle gym with (thank's Karl).

Then after seeing all of these old friends and their families, you start reflecting on who you were then, who you wanted to be and who you are now. At the core, we're still all the same, and yet we've grown in so many ways. It gave me such a peaceful "life is good" sort of feeling. Friends from long ago, and friends from not that long ago are happy - and you didn't turn out so bad yourself. Life is good.

Today is my dad's birthday - Happy Birthday Dad! Funny story about his birthday. My dad always celebrated his birthday on January 28th, until he was 18 and his mom gave him his birth certificate. It had his birthday listed as the 27th. When he asked my grandma about it, she said the doctors were wrong, he was born after midnight not before. I sure do miss her.

Another birthday celebrated this week was Josh's 13th birthday. That's right, he is officially a teenager now. That makes two teenage boys in our home. He has gone from a great kid to a wonderful young man. He plans on being the being in the Tour de France one day and I whole heartedly beleive him.
He trains daily with his bike. I hear word like, kadence, heart monitor and sprint all the time. During the winter, his bike is set up on an indoor trainer and during the sunnier times he's out on the road with his Dad. Sometimes while Diego is riding up a hill, he'll just see Josh get smaller and smaller as he gets further and further away. Then he'll come back, check on his Dad, and go back up the hill to wait for him. This summer he'll be entering his first tour. And now that Lance is back on the scene, who knows, maybe Josh will be riding with him in a few years.

Here, he's sporting his Team Colombia Jersey signed by all of the members of their team - he and Diego won this on line during the last Tour de France. Oh, and that fence in the background...that was thanks to a few stray pitches during baseball season.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mean While... Back at the Ranch

I've been trying to figure out how the Acai Berry Diet people got this shot of my tummy for their before picture. OK, so it's not my tummy, but it's a pretty good look a like! Don't worry, I've been hitting the treadmill and watching the sweets in an attempt to get it looking somewhat normal again. Although I'm not quite ready to go with one of those "spend the next week on the commode" diets....yet.

You've got to love the classics...
1953 Pontiac Convertible.

Sorry for the silliness, I'm just taking a quick break from sewing. I've been working on my Four Seasons Swap Quilt and a quilt that is going to go in one of Konda's books. It's pretty exciting, but those deadlines sure do loom don't they. Hopefully I'll be sharing some pictures soon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Better than an American Girl

What an exciting week...Sara turned 9, Josh is going to turn 13 (gasp!), we have a new president and I'm about to make my 1000th sale on etsy!

Sally Rose made a grand entrance at Sara's birthday party!
I was a little nervous that she might not go over very well, since Sara was hoping for a $90 American Girl doll, which I would have loved to buy for her. You know how that whole, budget thing goes. So she opened up her gifts...
What do you think? Pretty happy, huh? And to quote her, "Mom, she's even better than an American Girl!" So her favorite gifts...
Sally Rose and Mr. Robotatran.

Monday, January 12, 2009


It seems that all of the pictures here lately have a common thread...Sara. It's not that she is any more amazing than my amazing boys, it's just that she is a more willing participant. For some reason, unknown to me, teenage kids don't want their mom to write about them or post embarrassing pictures of them on the internet ;). Actually the goofy faced pictures are all they want to post.One thing that I truly admire about Sara is that she is so creative! As you know...I love all things arts and crafts and creative, but for the most part, I follow a pattern. Even when I was younger and loved to draw and sketch, I would have to copy a drawing or sketch. Sara on the other hand, just comes up with things on her own, thinks outside the box and isn't limited by any one type of media. Check out those snow men...they are pet rocks that she made on her own, transformed into snowmen.

I'm constantly walking in to find a picture or fabric creation on my night stand. For Christmas, she made Aaron a softie rectangle guy and she made Josh a yo-yo bag to hold his yo-yo's. She does not like coloring books, because she is not a stay within the lines type of person. From the time she was old enough to pick up a pencil, she's been creating...she'll glue things, sew, crochet, use paint, nail polish as paint...just about any thing and everything. What can I say, I'm just a happy mama.

So my January babies are turning 9 and 13 this year...rememeber when...
See what I mean...when they were little, I could put them in cute matching outfits and they would willingly smile for a picture.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday Spoiler...all soon to be 9 year old girls step way from the computer

We really have to keep this on the down-low...Sara cannot come across this post.

After many days and nights of sewing pads and Christmas gifts, I treated myself to one of Hillary's patterns. Of course I showed Sara the Wee Wonderfuls website and she loved the dolls. I had big plans to make a set of Kit, Chloe and Louise for her birthday, and even picked up a little bit of courdory for dresses.The other day while dreaming out loud of the American Doll that she wants, she off handedly started talking about how she would like to make her own robot, one that works.At $95 the American Doll will have to wait...but a robot...that I can do. Now to get those dolls finished. That's so Sara...she wants a doll and a robot - that's my girl :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Was All A Blur

For some reason, my camera was on the wrong setting and all of my pictures came out a little blurry on Christmas morning. Plus, I forgot to take pictures of some of the gifts that I made the kids.

The monkey was made from Magoo a pattern from Melly and Me. Keeping this little guy a secret was hard to do. I would sew an arm here a leg there, tucking them away when Sara would come near. Both of the brown fabrics are corduroy, and I used my snap press to add the eyes.
I also threw together three quilts at the last minute. Two of the quilt tops were already finished and sitting in a bin of unfinished projects - procrastination pays off once in a while. The other quilt - Sara's horse quilt- went together super easy. I found that piece of horse fabric at a local thrift store, added a few borders and machine stitched around the horses. The little green and gold strips by the top are a chenille type of rick rack - also purchased at the thrift shop.

Josh's quilt in the back ground is just a simple patchwork. He wanted a Little House on the Prairie quilt. Aaron's quilt - sorry, no picture- has a lot of blues, grays, tans and blacks and was done in a yellow brick road pattern. All of the quilts were flannel, with the exception of the horse fabric, and I used the thicker polyester batting for two reasons - budget and puffiness.

Oh, the other home made gift - Diego bought a set of num chucks for each of the kids, Sara's are foam, and I made draw string pouches out of this cool, Asain, silky fabric that was on clearance.

Well, off to sew...just as Christmas comes to an end, I'm gearing up for those January birthdays.