Friday, August 29, 2008

An Apple A Day

Back to school, fall is approaching, harvest time....I couldn't resist.

Only one available here.

My 14 year old "wrecked" on his long board yesterday. We were at the ball park - soccer - when I got the phone call from his friend's mom, letting me know what happened. She said his arm had a pretty bad gash in it - "a chunk is missing." I talked to him and he said he was OK, and they were going to his other friends house to fix it up. I called him back and the friend's dad wasn't home so they were going to clean it up themselves -yikes! I sent him over to a Amie's house -she's the type that can super glue her kids back together- and called him five minutes later. The conversation went something like this...
Me - "How is it?"
Amie - "Pretty bad"
Me - "Do you think it needs stitches"
Amie - "No, there's really nothing left to stitch."
Me - sick noises
The boys in the background - "Look, Amie, there's a rock in it"
Amie - "That's not a rock that's meat"
Me - more sick noises

He ended up getting all cleaned up and I ended up no vomiting or passing out. When we all got back together, Dad checked it out and he said, "It's a good thing you didn't look at it. It even made me a little sick." To which I got sick all over again. It looks ok, but we're taking him to the doctor today just to be sure it's cleaned out and he doesn't get an infection. Most likely I'll be waiting in the reception area. No sense in diverting the doctor's attention to me passing out.

edited to add - the doctor sent him over for x-rays, he thinks it's fractured or broken. Do I get the mom of the year award or what?

edited again - OK, it's not broken...whew!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In the Moment

The weather is cooling off and I can't say that I'm disappointed. This season is my favorite season of the year. It's that season between seasons, when things are slowly starting to change. Summer nights get cooler, breezes pass through, strange bugs come out...
So just as the canning jars are appearing on the kitchen counters and Halloween costumes are starting to be discussed, I'm going to linger a bit longer here, skipping rocks at the lake with my family.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doll Quilt Swap

I've been just about to burst waiting for Scott to receive the quilt that I sent him for the swap. He just posted about it on his blog, so I can spill the beans. I had originally made the very girly cathedral window quilt, then found out that I was sending a quilt to a "manquilter". When I got the specs, he said that among other things, he liked colors from the civil war era and chickens. I poked around on his blog a little and from what I could gather, he was a little tired of his office job, which I can totally relate to, now that I work at home instead of in an office. I still wanted to send a cathedral window, then the idea hit me...gray, chickens, cathedral window....chicken wire/office cubicals.I left one of the cubicals empty - no chicken - and replaced it with a hand stitched nest with a few blue nickels - the name of Scott's studio - and wrote a special note that I hand stitched on the back of the quiltI tea dyed the quilt to give it a little more authentic look and at the risk of being a little cheesy, added a button of a rooster. One "manquilter" among the many chicks. It was a lot of fun getting to "know" him through his blog, and trying to personalize the quilt. I'm definitely up for another trade...after a little while.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School

Just checking in to say - I'm back! We ended up taking somewhat of a "staycation". We did little day trips, enjoyed ourselves and took the week off. Just in time to start school yesterday.

At the risk of having too many pictures of the book bag - is that possible? - here is another picture with the S on the front flap. The lighting was not the best, but I was able to snap a quick shot before she was off to school.The kids are rolling in from school now...I need to work a little more on my time management skills. Back to school night is tonight. Sara's teacher has something in common with my partner for the Doll Quilt swap - they are both men! More to come on that later - I sent the quilt off yesterday and don't want to spoil the surprise.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Keeping Up with Nagymama

The book bag is done...
I have added a little swirly S on the right corner of the flap, so I'll have to take another picture and show you the inside as well. Today we went to the Tango House in Provo. It's this awesome Argentine restaurant - very personal and cozy. The occasion? Nagymama is visiting. That's Hungarian for grandma. She arrived late Friday night and we've been cramming in all kinds of fun and chatting. That lady has some wonderful stories - living through the Hungarian Revolution, moving to Argentina when she was a teenager, starting a new life, the death of her many stories. At the Tango House, she and my husband spoke Spanish to the owner, Hungarian to each other and English to the kids and I. Sometimes they slip up and start speaking to me in Hungarian - I'm completely lost - and Spanish - I'm mostly lost.

It's been a busy 24 hours and I'm exhausted - in a good way. It has been nice to sit here and type - a few stolen moments to myself, while I listen to the steady rhythm of a not so foreign language coming from the living room.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Addition

to the sewing room.Sara and her machine are now a permanent addition to the room of requirement. After dragging her machine out and putting it back a few times, we've decided to keep it out permanently. She's currently working on her first quilt - a crazy quilt. Sewing all of the flannel scraps together. There is something wonderful about looking up and seeing her there, hearing the steady sound of our machines together and enjoying those moments of conversation that come between a mother and a daughter. Often I've heard her in there sewing by herself and several times have received the invitation, "hey mom, do you want to sew with me?"

I register the boys for school today. It won't be as much fun as registering for elementary school. This time it's pretty much filling out papers and walking with my kids a few feet in front of me as to not be seen with their mom. Aaron will say hi to everyone there...they all know him...and Josh will walk quietly by his side trying to take it all in for the first time - his first year in Jr. High. 7th and 9th grade...I'm really not ready for this.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Hills are Alive...

Yesterday, we had a little panty liner photo shoot. I tried getting a picture by an open field, but the wind was blowing too hard. We drove a little ways up the canyon and ended up with this shot.
A few hours later, that very mountain was engulfed in flames. People just a few blocks above us were evacuated from there homes. We grabbed out 72 hour kits, pictures and important papers and were ready to go at a moments notice. Fortunately that didn't happen. We're safe and thankful to be in our home. Sara is going to make a card for the firemen for keeping us safe.

Oh, and the unburned (is that a word) ultra thins are available here. Along with this set.