Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby Blanket

Last night I finished this adorable gray and white baby blanket, a special gift for April's soon to be niece or nephew - surprise! I used a light gray yarn and white ribbon to go with the theme of the nursery and couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out.

The pattern is called Tiramisu Baby Blanket by Alicia Paulson. It's posted on her website for free. I'm all about the free patterns.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Current Project List

Just Holding the list in my hands gets me all Christmasy inside! I'll let you take a peek, but I can't list everything or there wouldn't be any surprises Christmas morning.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Love

Have I shared my Haunted Mansion with you? I bought this on line about 7 years ago (wow) and had painted it, but was never really happy with it. Every year at Halloween I pull it out and think, I've got to do something about that house. This year I've finally repainted it. It wasn't that hard actually, I just used some primer spray paint and started over.

Painting has always been my first love. It was like pulling out an old friend! Lately the only thing that I've been painting is walls!
There's nothing like spending time finishing up projects and listening to a good book on tape!

Un-birthday Present

Today I made up this little bunny, which was supposed to be another one of Sara's Christmas presents. She caught me in the act and it ended up being an un-birthday present. After all, today is her un-birthday.
"Daisy" made a perfect playmate for the flower girl that Sara made earlier. While Sara was thrilled to get Daisy, I wasn't so excited about the way it came out. The arms and legs were too small to machine stitch and turn, so I just used a blanket stitch on them. They look all lumpy and uneven. If I make another one, I think I'll try a blind stitch. I also forgot to clip the curves of the head before I turned it so it's a little lumpy as well.

Oh well, I'd better stop looking at it before I talk myself out of posting it. It is a completed project after all, and Sara is very happily playing with it as I write.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Christmas Present

Another project completed and crossed off of my Christmas list - one down, a million to go! Now when the little boy and girl go camping with thier sleeping bags, they can find this little owl in the woods.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall is in the Air

Brother Spencer came across the street this morning and brought us "the last of the summer corn" from his garden. Can I just tell you that this city girl can husk some corn! The first time I did it I was scared of the husks and those little stringy hairs that you have to pull off, but by the end of the season, I as good as anyone. I can't think of anything better than a nice piece of home grown corn with a little salt and butter. Nacho Libre - Save me a piece of that corn.
The autumn wind has blown in a little visitor, Baby. Baby is the neighbors cat, but seems to like it better at our house. The little rascal sits in our window sills and crys all day. I'm not sure why...could it have been the slices of turkey, the milk or just the love and attention that we've been giving him? Today he followed me everywhere I went outside, and even came into the house. I scooped him up and took him in to let Tomaso have a sniff, but before I even made it into the room, Tomaso was hissing. I'm sure he's thinking - look lady I'm tolerating that dog you brought home, but now you're pushing it.

Christmas Already?

I made these two dolls for Sara for Christmas...don't tell! I have to get these pictures up before she gets home from school. I was inspired by some cloth dolls that I had seen online and came up with the pattern myself. Too cute! The girl's light brown hair and eyes were inspired by Sara's and the boy was patterned after my dad's side of the family. The girls pants are made out of an old pair of Josh's corduroy pants and both dolls shoes are made out of an old pair of Sara's pants.
Since I was cutting up old clothes with the knees blown out, I used this pocket off of a pair to make a back pack.
How fun would a couple of sleeping bags bee. I pieced the girl's bag out of some fabric that I got in a grab bag for $1 and some flannel that I had laying around.
After all of that work on the girl's sleeping bag, I took the easy route on the boy's bag with some scraps. I had to add something special so I stitched the bear on the corner.
I'm sure she'll love the dolls, she already knows that I'm up to something. Who knows, maybe a few more accessories or some animals before Christmas. I've done a rough sketch of an owl that I've been itching to start.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Where are the Fairies?

This week has been one of catching up with my past - in a good way. I got a call from a dear friend that I haven't seen in 5 years- she's coming out for a visit in November - isn't it nice to catch up on the phone and not just email? I ran into someone from my home town that now lives in the same city that I do - how crazy is that . J-man's friend from out of state dropped by today and my MIL is here visiting. My cup runneth over...Ah to love and be loved!

So we've been doing all of the fun touristy things. I actually got to go out to lunch and have a meal that I didn't have to prepare or clean up after...ah the good life. Yesterday afternoon was my favorite part of the visit. We took a hike around the lake in the mountains behind our house. The kids and I strolled along with Nagymama while Alley (our dog) pulled D around the lake!

When we were just heading home we found this little mushroom and D reluctantly got back out of the car to snap a quick picture. How beautiful! The only thing missing is the little fairy fluttering by.